Attaining inner peace – Kempinski The Spa, Bangkok Thailand

In Bangkok, you can get a decent massage for a few hundreds Thai Baht. But there are also lavish spa treatments that can cost a few thousands too. On my recent Bangkok trip, I decided to pamper myself at Kempinski The Spa in Siam Kempinski Hotel.


Kempinski The Spa is located on the 7th floor at the hotel’s Garden Wing. The receptionist was helpful and was able to recommend suitable treatments for my tense body. However, there is one thing that perplexed me. The other spa facilities such as the steam room and Jacuzzi are not located on the same floor. They are housed next to the gym on the 8th floor. And it’s rather troublesome for guests who want to enjoy these facilities before their treatments. It doesn’t matter that much to me because I’m a house guest. But I can imagine the inconvenience that an outside guest has to go through as he moves from one floor to another.


Relaxation Lounge

Anyway, like all other good wellness centres, guests are required to fill in a health questionnaire. The receptionist led me to a quaint lounge while I filled in the form, sipped my tea and waited for my therapist.

I opted for the Autumn Flame Scrub before proceeding with the Thai Herbal Compress Massage. The Autumn Flame Scrub, a detoxifying body scrub, is touted to clear trapped stagnant energies in the body. Frankly, I have absolutely no idea whether my stagnant energies were cleared after the 45-minute aromatic scrub but my skin definitely felt smoother.


Treatment Room at Kempinski The Spa

But my favourite has to be the Thai herbal compress massage. Some people dislike the herbal ball’s pungent odour but it’s therapeutic to me. Maybe it’s because I associate the scent with the herb’s medicinal values. I could feel my aches melting away as the therapist alternated between oil massage and Thai herbal compress. This unique method really brings out the best of both vastly different treatments. My body felt so relaxed after the 90-minute treatment that I didn’t want to get up from the massage bed.


Tea and cold towel

The treatments cost nearly THB6,900 (for a total of 135 minutes) after the service charge and tax. For that price, I feel that the spa management could do better. Instead of just serving a cup of tea, a light healthy snack such as fruits or nuts could be offered to the guest. This small gesture may not cost a lot but it definitely enhances the entire spa experience.


Kempinski The Spa
Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok
Rama 1 Road 991/9, 10330 Bangkok
Tel: +66 (0) 2 162 9000


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