How (Singapore Airlines) Suite It Is – My Singapore Airlines First Class and Suites Class experiences

How many people get to travel on first class when going on a vacation, let alone Suites Class? For mere mortals like the most of us, it’s probably once-in-a-lifetime experience (although I do wish for more of such experiences to happen on a regular basis in the future). So you can imagine how excited I was when D-day finally came.

Instead of directing my limousine taxi to the Singapore Changi Airport’s CIP terminal, it was “Taxi Uncle, SIA First Class, please.” You see, unlike the rest who is travelling on economy class or even its richer cousin, the business class, the first and suite class passengers, or guests as I preferred to refer to, have a designated check-in reception area. Located at an inconspicuous corner of Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, this private check-in lounge is catered for those discreet guests who prefer to enjoy the exclusivity without being seen as show-off or ostentatious (of course, for those who prefer to announce their grand entrance to the entire world then they will be duly disappointed).

The Singapore Airlines First Class Check-In lounge at Singapore Changi International Airport

When the taxi driver drove closer to the private reception, I could see the porter and a Passenger Relations Officer walking to the kerb and getting ready to receive me. Having raised in a less-than-wealthy family, I knew my roots and humbly offered to help the porter to load my partner and my six pieces of Rimowa luggage onto the trolley. After which, the Passenger Relations Officer led us to the check-in counter. But this was at the counter when I received the worse check-in that I’ve ever encountered.

Singapore Airlines First Class Check In Lounge in Singapore Changi International Airport

It was clear that there was only one armchair at the counter for the guests and there were two of us. The lady at the check-in counter was totally oblivious to me standing at the counter throughout the entire check-in process. Let me put it very clearly here that I DO NOT expect her to pull me a chair but the least that I could expect was that she acknowledged my presence and offered me a seat at the other counter. No, she did not. I could have just let it go. But I couldn’t because she didn’t know her work and our check-in took longer than usual and I had no choice but to pull the other armchair over and let her sort through her work. The case was that our flight was booked from Singapore to New York with a 12-hour transit in Frankfurt, Germany. My partner told her that we would be breaking our journey at Frankfurt before catching the next flight to New York on the following morning. She said we could not because the transit time was less than 6 hours. It was only when we insisted there was a 12-hour break that she finally realised that she was in the wrong. And guess what, no apology from her and no “Have a nice flight” farewell when she led us to the immigration counter located within the lounge. Mind you, I wasn’t scabbily dressed at all (I may not be raised with a silver spoon but in terms of manners and dressing, I was brought up well).

my first class ticket and the golden pass to the Private Room in the Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge

But thankfully, the journey was way much better after the less-than-satisfactory encounter with that woman (okay, I want to reserve the phrase, lady, for a more well-mannered female).

The SIA First Class lounge is just less than 50 metres after the private immigration counter. Upon arriving at the SIA First Class lounge, the gracious host at the counter greeted us and in no time, another gentleman came out to lead us to the Private Room. Along the way, he was professional and displayed genuine care when he knew how scorching hot the afternoon heat was.

The luxurious Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge in Singapore Changi International Airport

The Private Room is a full-service restaurant located within the first class lounge. As we were there around noon, my partner and I decided to have a light lunch before we board our flight. The restaurant offers a full 4-course menu with international and local delights. Of course, in this exclusive lounge, everything is immaculate from the service to the food. The only thing that you have to remind yourself is not to indulge too much since SIA will pamper you even more onboard.

The Private Room in the Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge

Wok Fried Lobster with Braised Wanton Noodles served in the Private Room

On our way out from the lounge to the gate, all the service staff was courtesy and sincerely wished you a pleasant flight. Not that I’m hard up for some nice words, but it’s the details that differentiate first class service from the rest. Of course, being a first class passenger, you can board at your own time.

The First Class seat on Singapore Airlines B777-300ER

When you’re seated at the premier class, you are a person not another passenger seated at 58A. The cabin crew recognised you the moment you stepped into the cabin. Dom Perignon champagne was served and a wide variety of publications was offered for your reading pleasure after you have settled down in the posh leather seat. Frankly, when you’re a first class guest, you don’t really have to lift a finger. The attentive cabin crew, the senior and more experienced ones, can anticipate your needs. And before you even ask, they have the options for you.

The huge LCD screen for First Class guest on Singapore Airlines B777-300ER

Immediately after the seatbelt sign was turned off, the experienced cabin crew returned with your preferred drink and a bowl of warm macadamia, cashew nuts and almonds. As a first class guest, nothing is spared to ensure that you have a spectacular journey 35,000 feet above ground. The huge 23-inch LCD screen and noise-cancellation Bose headphones make in-flight entertainment nothing short of an experience of having an entire theatre to yourself. Of course, the experience is further enhanced with the endless flow of beverages and gourmet food.

Gourmet food served in First Class - Chilled Malossol Caviar with Melba Toast and condiments

Even before the surrealism of travelling first class could set in, I was offered a custom-designed pyjamas set by Givenchy and a toiletries bag complete with a bottle of lotion, eau de toilette and lip balm by Salvatore Ferragamo. Not forgetting the comfy bedroom slippers and eyeshades. This is so unlike the pair of cotton socks, a toothbrush and eye shades which I had to settle for when travelling in cattle class previously.

custom-designed pyjamas set by Givenchy and toiletries by Salvatore Ferragamo

When travelling first class, you can have the entire kitchen onboard! Okay, not exactly an entire kitchen but with the Book-The-Cook service, you can have meals designed by acclaimed Michelin-starred and/or celebrity chefs. The meals are designed for very kind of possible palate you can imagine. But I must say the culinary experience is further boosted when the gorgeous tableware they use in the first and suite class are by the luxury French brand, Givenchy.

Steamed Chinese Herbal Chicken Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Sam Leong

And the wines, nothing short of the best German riesling to French chardonnay to Italian merlot. The food and drinks just kept coming until you have to tell the cabin crew to go easy with them. But this is a good ‘problem’ to have, isn’t it?

Love the gorgeous Timbale of Marinated crayfish, asparagus, caviar with Tomato Consomme

Don't you just love this beautiful piece of beef fillet

A couple of hours into the flight and when the effects from an overdose of good food and wine kicked in, my eyelids started to droop. This time, the observant chief steward gently asked me if he could make the bed for me to rest. What bed? And there is a person to prepare the bed for me to sleep? Hello, even my loved ones don’t make the bed for me. Instead of contouring my body to find the best sleeping position on a tight cabin seat, the SIA First Class can be converted into a flat bed, complete with a soft luxurious duvet and comfy pillows. Oh, by the way, the bed is nearly as wide as a single size bed!

And this is just the First Class seat only.

the First Class Seat on Singapore Airlines 777-300ER

The following day my partner and I checked in as Suite guests for our flight from Frankfurt to New York. Just when we thought service and product offering couldn’t get any better, the Singapore Airlines decides its Suites Class on its A380 shall be the epitome of luxury travel 35,000 feet above ground.

My little piece of paradise... My suite on board of Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class

“Welcome back, Mr. Goh,” greeted the friendly Inflight Supervisor, Suresh, when I boarded the plane to New York. I didn’t have to look with envy when I walked to the Suites cabin. Unlike those previous trips where my encounter with the Suites was on my way out of the plane, this time, I finally get to be a Suites guest! How Suite it is!

Love the warm Macadamia nuts

Instead of a seat, I get a cosy and luxurious cabin. My paradise, as I prefer to call it, is jaw dropping. The posh leather seat is custom-made by the bespoke Italian furniture maker, Poltrona Frau. The leather feels so soft and comfortable.

It was love at first sight. How not to love the Suites Class on Singapore Airlines?

Even though it was only 9am, bubbles were served. For that split second, I thought I was in The Great Gatsby. Every thing seems to be over the top but thankfully, it was done tastefully.

Bubbles... more bubbles. Dom Perignon Champagne at 9am in Singapore Airlines Suites Class.

During meal times, the table was properly set with crisp white table linen and there is so much space. Wrestling for more elbow space is unheard of on Suites or first class.

Even fruits taste nicer when they are being served on custom-designed Givenchy tableware.

Asparagus cake with whisky and strawberry

In this paradise, I can shut and distance myself away from the other guests. Privacy is valued more than ever in SIA Suites Class and every guest can draw the shuttle and close the door in his/her cabin. And the bed, it was even more outrageously good than the first class bed! You value this when you’re about to rest. Not many people can sleep without losing their dignity… there are some of us who display the most unworthy sleeping habits when we lay horizontally. This is when the privacy of the Suites Class helps to prevent the permanent loss of decorum.

Enjoying my dessert on Singapore Airlines Suites Class

The SIA Cabin Crew actually made the bed! Perks of flying Suites Class on Singapore Airlines.

SIA staff its Suites Class with the more senior and experienced cabin crew. These unique individuals know their work so well but more importantly, they know how to execute it with finesse. My flight to New York from Frankfurt on SQ26 on 21 May 2015 was perfect. The service was impeccable. I want to thank IFS Suresh (or Subash, sorry if I got your name wrong), Chief Steward Terence, Leading Stewardess Rika and Leading Steward Derrick, for making the flight so memorable. You guys were awesome and it was definitely a great way to fly with you. Thank you.

Singapore Airlines

  1. Really interesting. However the description of our arrival al at Changi and your first meal on the SIN/FRA flight are illegible. Any reason for this?

    You do not say if the First beds are the sort of seats that flip over ready made when needed, or if the crew make them up from scratch using sheets, duvet etc?
    More photos of the suite would be great! Is it for 1 or 2 pax?

  2. Hi Tina,

    Not sure about what you meant on the part of my arrival to Changi. My taxi trip was not part of the first class experience. We had to get our own taxi (if that’s what you were asking). My encounter with the women at the check-in lounge was less than satisfactory. But other than that, the experience was great.

    There was so much food that I decided to pick the nicer ones. No particular reason why I left that out.

    The First Class beds are the kind which you need to flip the seat over. Usually, the cabin crew will do it for you. But it’s very easy to convert the seat into a bed. All the sheets and duvet are tucked behind the seat. So when it’s been flipped over, the cabin crew just need to straighten the sheets and lay the duvet. I usually at the toilet when the cabin crew made the bed. And when I’m back, it’s all done.

    What I’ve shown you is for one person. I believe the seats in the centre row of Suites Class can be converted into a double bed. I’ve seen the pictures previously.

    I wish I have better photos to show you. I’m hoping to travel on the Suites Class again so that I can take more pictures. Promise! 🙂

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