Sanctuary in bustling Orchard Road – Damai Spa, Grand Hyatt Singapore

Most of us visit our relatives and friends while some take the opportunity to have a short vacation overseas. For those who are staying put and still deciding what to do over the Chinese New Year holiday, how about going for a spa treatment?

Damai Spa at Grand Hyatt Singapore

Damai Spa is located on level 5 at the terrace wing of the Grand Hyatt Singapore. The sound of splashing waters from a nearby manmade waterfall greets the guests when they step out of the elevator. For that split moment, you might think that you’ve been teleported straight into a tropical rainforest.

Damai Spa Treatment Room

It is advisable to arrive early at the spa if you truly want to enjoy the entire spa experience. There are hot and cold plunge pools, steam room and sauna in the changing rooms. They are quite spacious considering how space-starved some hotel spas can get.

Damai Spa has 11 large treatment rooms and every room has its own water feature. Unlike other hotel spas, Damai Spa’s treatment rooms allow natural lighting to fill the entire room. This makes the room brighter and more welcoming especially in the day. However, the therapist will lower the blind to reduce the amount of light in the room before the treatment starts.

The simple yet sophisticated decor in Damai Spa

I opted for the 90-minute Targeted Healing Treatment recently. My therapist uses a blend of lemongrass and lavender oil and traditional kneading techniques to release the tension and stress in my stiffed body. She told me that the special blend of essential oil has healing properties. I felt so relaxed after the treatment. Instead of leaving the spa immediately after the treatment, I stayed on a little longer in the meditation room to soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

So why not book yourself a luxurious spa treatment now? Your body will definitely need some pampering after all the house visits.


Damai Spa, Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228 211
Tel: (65) 6416 7156

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