Welcome to the luxurious Park Hyatt Bangkok

The luxurious Park Hyatt Bangkok has finally opened its door to receive its discerning guests after many months of delay.  But I guess the wait was worth it when you finally see this gorgeous property.  And it’s no surprise that within a few short months after its opening, rave reviews have spread and Park Hyatt Bangkok has become one of the highly sought after accommodations for the well travelled.

Park Hyatt Lobby on Level 10

Getting to Park Hyatt Bangkok

With so many new hotels opening in Bangkok, it was a bit of a challenge getting to Park Hyatt Bangkok. Taxi drivers didn’t know where Park Hyatt is and many times, I have to tell them to bring me to Central Embassy, the upscale mall in which the hotel is connected to.  But the little confusion didn’t stop me from falling in love with this stunning beauty.

The Library

While the concierge is on the ground floor, the hotel reception is actually located at level 10. But the Park Hyatt Bangkok experience starts from that moment you stepped into the hotel.  Famous artists’ works and sculptures adorn the hallway and walls of this amazing hotel. And you can’t help but to realise that this hotel is fast becoming a playground for the wealthy in Bangkok.

Sculpture by renowned artist, Gao Wei Gang

The hotel was so fully booked that an early check-in was not possible. However, since Park Hyatt Bangkok is connected to the Central Embassy mall, my partner and I were able to spend a couple of hours having lunch and tea in the upscale mall prior to our check-in.

Surprise awaits in the Standard Room

The Standard Room in Park Hyatt Bangkok

A surprise was in stored for us when we walked into our room.  The breathtaking view simply blew us away.  At 48m2, the Park Hyatt Bangkok standard room is slightly bigger than its competitors such as the St Regis’ Deluxe Room. The room is stylishly designed and decorated.  Its contemporary design embodies luxury without being too ostentatious.  Besides it being bigger, what I particularly like about the room is its layout.  The writing desk and amenities are nearer to the entrance followed by the bed and lastly, the bathroom at the end.

The beautiful bathroom

The luxurious bathroom is probably every woman’s dream bathroom.  It’s outrageously beautiful and furnished with the lush Le Labo toiletries from New York.  But the selling point is that the guests can have an unblocked view of Bangkok skyline when they are having a shower or bath.  How cool is that!

Le Labo toiletries

The Saltwater Infinity Pool

Another attraction at the Park Hyatt Bangkok is the saltwater infinity pool on level 9. The striking view is probably the reason why the pool is always crowded even in the evening. It’s like a piece of heaven just landed on the building.

The saltwater infinity pool on Level 9

Deck benches for the worshippers of the sun

Not one but two bars

I love checking out hotel bars.  The Bar on Level 10 of the Park Hyatt Bangkok is slightly more subdued whereas the Penthouse Bar + Grill at levels 34-36 has a more energetic vibes to it.

The Bar - From Park Hyatt to Infinity

During my stay at the Park Hyatt Bangkok, I could feel that the swanky Penthouse Bar + Grill is fast becoming the in-place for the locals for drinks and grilled meats. Personally, The Bar’s ambience caters to my preference where I could have my drinks without getting disturbed by overly enthusiastic individuals.

The Swanky Penthouse Bar + Grill

Breakfast worthy for the diplomat

If you can, you should have breakfast at the Embassy Room.  Guests can order from the ala carte menu and enjoy the buffet spread of fresh fruits, breads and yogurt. When in season, the hotel served freshly cut mangoes.  These mangoes were so popular that some uncivilised guests would not hesitate to wipe out the entire tray of mangoes without leaving any behind for other hotel guests. These guests who called their brothers, locusts, are no better than their mainlander brothers.  Anyway, the point is the breakfast is good and you should at least try it during your stay.

How about some decadent afternoon tea 

The signature afternoon tea at the Living Room is another culinary experience that you shouldn’t miss. The cakes and desserts are exquisite and trust me, the experience is a worthy Instagram story.

The Living Room in Park Hyatt Bangkok

Wellness?  Doubt so.

As much as I love the Park Hyatt Bangkok, the spa, operated by the upmarket Thai wellness provider, Panpuri, needs more fine tuning.  The spa design is not the most awe-inspiring one but the prices were definitely eye-popping. And I’m just comparing the prices to the other luxury hotel spas.

Panpuri Spa Treatment Room in Park Hyatt Bangkok

Although Park Hyatt Bangkok was positioned as a business hotel, the guests are more leisure travellers rather than business executives. It needs to tweak its offerings so that the leisure travellers’ needs are addressed. Yes, I would return to Park Hyatt Bangkok despite its hefty price.  And I have got my booking made for my trip in 2018.

Park Hyatt Bangkok
Central Embassy, 88 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand, 10330
Tel: +66 2 012 1234

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