A “bowl” of mixed reviews: Viu at St Regis Bangkok

I’ve never lunched at Viu despite having stayed at St Regis, Bangkok on numerous occasions. And if it was not for the complimentary dining voucher that came with my Astor Card, I might not have eaten there. The one-time dining voucher allows the main member and three of his/her guests to enjoy a complimentary meal at Viu. But it is only applicable for the set lunch menu. The set lunch menu includes a salad buffet, a choice of main course and a choice of dessert.

My dining experience at Viu is a “bowl” of mixed reviews. Some dishes were good and some required more work.


There is nothing exceptional about the salad buffet. The spread is limited but good enough for a starter.


Crispy Chicken And Steak Fries With Apple Sauce

Deep Fried Chicken in Red Wine Chinese Sauce

My guests and I managed to try three different main courses and four different desserts. We had Beef Red Curry, Deep Fried Chicken in Red Wine Chinese Sauce and Crispy Chicken And Steak Fries With Apple Sauce for the main course. The Beef Red Curry was a flop. The beef slices were overcooked and tough. Fortunately, the chicken dishes did much better. The Chinese wine sauce is really delicious and it did justice to the Deep Fried Chicken in Red Wine Chinese Sauce. The Crispy Chicken And Steak Fries turned out equally good.

64% Valona Chocolate Mousse and White Chocolate Cheese Cake

As for the desserts, they scored well in terms of presentation. The stars are the 64% Valona Chocolate Mousse and White Chocolate Cheese Cake. They are definitely worth the calories and the time on the treadmill. The Mango Sticky Rice Sushi is nicely presented. But the taste is ordinary. As for thePistachio Creme Brûlée with Vanilla Ice CreamI find the pistachio crème brulee a little too “oily” and heavy for my liking.

Mango Sticky Rice Sushi

But I was shocked when I was presented a bill for the drinking water at the end of the meal! It was because the water that was served to us was poured out of a water jug! And it costs THB240! With that, I would have paid for premium bottled water.

With the exception of the water bill, the food at Viu is generally well executed.

Viu at The St Regis Bangkok
159 Rajadamri Road | The St. Regis Bangkok, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: (66)(2) 207 7819

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