Amateurish for a five-star hotel – The Spa Artisan at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Spa Artisan is located on the mezzanine floor of The Fullerton Hotel. It is run by the same people who brought us the garden spa, Aramsa, at Bishan Park, Singapore.  Anyone would expect a better product especially when the management of Spa Artisan has extensive experience in running a similar business. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

When I arrived at the spa, I was given a health questionnaire which I diligently filled in. After which, I was brought promptly to my treatment room.  I was a bit taken aback when I was told to change into the disposable underwear in the treatment room.  That was because I noticed that there were two changing rooms (men and women) on my way from the reception to the treatment room. Considering that this is a hotel spa, I expected spa guests to be invited to change into their massage attire in the changing rooms before being lead to the treatment room. The current modus operandi lacks finesse and seems more suited for a spa located within a mall where they do not have the luxury of space to create separate changing rooms.  But the bad experience did not stop here.

Treatment Room

Halfway through the treatment, the tranquility of the place was disturbed when I heard people talking loudly outside the room. Initially I thought that the door was opened but it was not.  It was only after my treatment that I found out that there is a huge design flaw in the treatment room’s partition.  The partitions of all the treatment rooms are actually old window panel frames covered with fabric! Basically, they are hollow and do not offer much privacy.  The designer totally did not understand the spa guests’ requirements and hence, the stupid and impractical design.

Rest Lounge

My therapist was definitely not one who is positioned to work for a hotel spa. Throughout the entire session, I did not feel relaxed at all. The strokes were inconsistent and weak (even though I’ve indicated that I like firm strokes in the questionnaire). And I was told that the therapist actually had prior experience in working with other hotel spas.  I wasn’t very sure about that.

Frankly, I wouldn’t recommend this spa to anyone.  It’s lousy and amateurish.  To me, it’s better positioned itself as a suburban mall massage joint than a hotel spa.

P/s: After my treatment, I actually went into the changing room to have a look.  I was surprised to see steam room, sauna, shower facilities and lockers in it.

The Spa Artisan
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
1 Fullerton Square, Mezzanine Floor
Singapore 049178

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