For those who love great seafood – Gattopardo Italian Grill and Pizza Bar, Singapore

I didn’t like Gattopardo Italian Grill and Pizza Bar in the past. Not because the food is lousy but mainly due to the limited selection for a fussy

meat eater like me. First of all, I’m not a big seafood eater. Second, I don’t like lamb because the gamey smell is too much for me. And the Florantina steak is too big for one. Hence, I always ended up ordering either the chicken or pork main course. So you can understand why I go “Mamma Mia!” when my friend suggests we go to Gattopardo for dinner.

My friend, who loves fresh seafood, adores this quaint restaurant located in the lush greenery at Fort Canning Park. The fact is that Gattopardo serves excellent seafood. So as a great pal, I always obliged. For a non-seafood eater (and very close to anti-seafood), I must say that I enjoy the Calamari alla Brace (Signature Char-grilled Calamari with Lemon Oregano Vinaigrette). The squid is grilled just nice to cook it thoroughly and yet retain its tenderness. It is slightly seasoned with salt, pepper, and a lemon vinaigrette dressing. It’s so simple and yet appetising.

Love it - Calamari alla Brace

The Rombo al Vino Rosso (Turbot Fillet cooked Sous Vide with Red Wine Reduction) is another dish that showcases Gattopardo’s Italian and Mediterranean heritage. The fish is fresh and the fillet is pan seared to give the fish skin a slight crisp. The flavourful red wine reduction lifts the fish and gives it more oomph!

Rombo al Vino Rosso

Instead of ordering the usual chicken or pork dish, I decided to have a pizza.  The Arrotolata pizza (Smoked Mozzarella, Suckling pig, Porcini Mushrooms, Grape Sauce, and Rucola salad) is a crowd favourite and I can understand why. Every bite of the pizza is filled with the delectable mozzarella and porcini mushroom filling.  And when you bite further in, you can taste the succulent pork filling. This pizza is so good that I could finish it on my own.

Arrotolata pizza... Yummy!

Unfortunately, Gattopardo’s uninspiring desserts kill what could have been a great dining experience. Although I have a sweet tooth, the Il Cannolo Siciliano (Crispy Espresso-infused Wafer Filled with Ricotta Cheese Cream and Citrus Zest) proves too sweet for my liking. Furthermore, the wafer is hard, dense and not crispy enough. The Couscous alle Mandorie e Frutta Fresca (Almond infused Couscous with Fresh Fruits and Saffron Sorbet) is equally dull despite the unusual use of Couscous in a dessert.

Il Cannolo Siciliano

The total bill for two glasses of wine, one appetiser, two main courses and two desserts came up to about S$200. Frankly, there are better dessert places and I wouldn’t have paid for the desserts at Gattopardo.  Having said that, I definitely encourage you to try the great seafood and pizza dishes.

Gattopardo Italian Grill and Pizza Bar
11 Canning Walk, Hotel Fort Canning,  Singapore 178881


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