Frozen Yogurt, Sanwiches and all food healthy – Forty Carrots at Bloomingdale’s, New York City, USA

Forty Carrots at the Bloomingdale’s is a café that I discovered by chance many years ago when I was staying in a hotel along 57th Street and Lexington Avenue. Not knowing where to go, I went into the nearby Bloomingdale’s in search for a quick bite and I found Forty Carrots buried away on the 7th floor of this iconic departmental store.

Forty Carrots is my healthy food café. People usually go to Forty Carrots for its yogurt, salads, sandwiches and soup. Very simple but healthy food option.

Forty Carrots Placemat

At US$15, the bunched lunch is a steal. You get a small frozen yogurt, plus any of two of the following items – a soup, green salad, half sandwich or a small glass of freshly squeezed juice. For me, my option is always soup and half sandwich.

the US$15 bunched lunch is a steal

The Hearty Chicken Noodle soup is packed with chicken meat, shredded carrots and pasta.  I love this light and clear chicken pasta soup. It’s filling and yet tasty. It’s like comfort food.  The soup even comes with a salted pretzel bun.

There are many sandwich options but my choice is the Sonoma Chicken Salad sandwich. The sandwich filling is a mixture of tender chicken breast meat, raisins, chives, cashews and grapes in a tarragon dressing. And what you get is a very textured and flavourful chicken meat filling serves on two slices of organic cranberry pecan bread. The sandwich also comes with an accompanied carrot-raisin salad.

The all-time favourite Forty Carrots Frozen Yogurt

The final course is the yogurt.  Do not underestimate the size of its serving.  Although it’s stated small, the serving is equivalent to a large serving in most Asian countries. It comes with several flavours but my option is always the plain and natural one. Toppings are available with an additional cost.

New York has many great food options and sometimes, you really need to give yourself a break from the rich food.  This is where Forty Carrots fills in the need for healthy food option.

Forty Carrots at Bloomingdale’s
1000 Third Ave. at 59th Street, 7th floor, New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212-705-3085
P/s. Forty Carrots Frozen Yogurt is also found at Bloomingdale’s at Soho.

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