Great seafood restaurant marred by bad location – The Boxing Crab, Singapore

Over the last few months,

I’ve tried many restaurants on Sentosa island, Singapore. Despite their excellent food and service, many of these restaurants suffer from low human traffic. And I thought Singaporeans will travel anywhere for good food.

Just last Monday, I brought an overseas friend, who was in town for the F1 Grand Prix, to The Boxing Crab. This quaint restaurant by Food Junction is located at one extreme end of the island. Situated at the back of the out-of favour themed park, Underwater World, The Boxing Crab seems to suffer a similar fate.

It’s great that The Boxing Crab is having its Seafood Feast promotion at just SG$148++. The promotion includes its signature pumpkin crabs, Boston lobsters, Char-grilled Red Snapper Fish and Cereal Prawns. Although the promotion states that it’s seafood for four, the portion is definitely not enough for four adults. For a party of three, we also ordered Baby Kai Lan with Fried Garlic, Wok-Fried Beef with Lily Bulb, and Char-Grilled Marinated Squid.

Braised Claypot Crab with Superior Broth and Pumpkin

The star attraction of the dinner is definitely the Braised Claypot Crab with Superior Broth and Pumpkin. Pieces of the meaty Sri Lankan crab are bathed in a milky smooth pumpkin gravy. Curry leaves are added to give the gravy a more distinctive Asian flavour without overpowering the main ingredient – the pumpkin. This is an excellent dish for those crustaceans lovers who cannot tolerate hot and spicy food. Since I’m allergic to crustaceans., I can only dip my fried mantou (bun) into the silky gravy.

Cereal Prawns

The Cereal Prawns are equally good. Even though this dish is not difficult to execute, many cooks fail to deliver a decent cereal prawns dish. More often than not, you get a dish of oily cereals and prawns. Over here, the cereal is fried with curry leaves and it’s not oily. The prawns are fresh and succulent.

Char-Grilled Red Snapper Fish

The Char-Grilled Red Snapper Fish is excellent. This fish is fresh and grilled to perfection. The sambal chilli topping complements the saltwater fish well. Most importantly, the chilli sauce did not overpower the freshness of the fish. The springy and fresh Char-grilled Marinated squid also uses the same sambal chilli sauce.

Boston lobster with Black Pepper sauce

Unfortunately, the Boston lobster is a disappointment. The black pepper sauce overwhelms the lobster and the piercing sauce kills the dish totally. The Wok-Fried Beef with Lily Bulb fares slightly better. The beef slices are tender and cooked just right. However, I feel that the dish is tad too salty for my liking. As for the Baby Kai Lan with Fried Garlic, it has “wok-hei”. The vegetables are crunchy and flavourful.

Wok-Fried Beef with Lily Bulb

It’s unfortunate that such a good restaurant is marred by bad location. Albeit that I’m allergic to crustaceans, I will still return to The Boxing Crab. It’s a fantastic place with an excellent sea view and scrumptious food.

The Boxing Crab
80 Siloso Road, Sentosa, Singapore 098969

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