Happy Times – The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Café, Singapore

I must confess that even though I live in this neighbourhood all my life, I hardly walk around the Chip Bee Gardens. It was not until recently that I discovered that so much has changed (again). More cafés and restaurants have sprouted up and one of them is The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Café.

My two nieces stayed over with me when their parents went overseas early last month. Since I have to do my part as a doting uncle, I decided to bring these two girls to have ice cream at The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Café.

The colourful acrylic wall paintings

The café was rather quiet on a Saturday morning (just before noon). I know children shouldn’t have ice cream before lunch but who cares. The cheery acrylic paintings on the wall brighten up the entire place. My two princesses went hysterical when they got in. Without a doubt, they went straight to the ice cream cooler and their eyes literally popped! Nutty Macadamia, Simple Vanilla or Lychee Martini (okay, this is for me)? With so many fun flavours, they were spoilt for choices. It helped when these two got to try the different flavours before they settled for their favourite.

Princesses went wild when they saw ice cream

Personally, I love the creamy Nutty Macadamia. It’s not too sweet and it’s full of macadamia nuts. It’s a good side with the fluffy and warm waffle. The Lychee Martini is another of my favourite. Although the alcohol content is rather low, it’s good enough for the momentarily moment of joy. As for the girls, they love the Very Berry.

Thumbs Up for the Lychee Martini

The prices for the ice cream and waffle are pretty reasonable and affordable. It’s about $3.70 for a single scoop of ice cream and it’s $6.20 when you add a piece of freshly baked waffle. And they serve IBC Root Beer too. It is no surprise that both kids and adults love this place. When we went back again on a Tuesday evening, the place was packed with people. It took us some time before we managed to get a seat.

Freshly Baked Waffle with a scoop of ice cream

For someone like me who has a sweet tooth, it’s nice to know there’s another place to satisfy my indulgence, with or without the princesses. And I know there will be more happy times.

The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Café
43 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-78 Chip Bee Gardens,
Singapore 278115
Tel: +65 6475 3128

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