If only the food was just good as its interior décor – Senyor Parellada, Barcelona Spain

Housed in a 19th century building located in the vibrant district, El Born, Senyor Parellada is a restaurant that specialises in traditional Catalan cuisine. And despite its unassuming exterior, the restaurant’s interior is beautifully decorated and has a nice ambience. My partner and I arrived promptly for the first seating at 830pm in the evening. And in no time, the restaurant was packed with diners.

Frankly, after an impressive lunch in a bistro at the nearby Mercat Santa Caterina, Senyor Parellada is average at most. The only consolation is that the food is reasonably priced.

Senyor Parellada Interior

The service was rather patchy. The waiters were not attentive and it took them some time before they had our order. But the food came rather quickly after our order was taken. The Battered Squid Rings with Romesco Sauce is a letdown. Although the squid is tender, it is ruined by the greasy batter. We also ordered the Mussels from Port Lligat with warm dressing. The mussels, though fresh, is not best that we’ve tasted in this trip.

Mussels from Port Lligat with warm dressing

Meat-filled Cannelloni with Forest Truffle

I had the Meat-filled Cannelloni with Forest Truffle for main. The pasta is good but not great. It’s a no-frills pasta dish and it’s impossible to get it wrong. The Monkfish and Clams in Fisherman’s style, again, fails to outshine the other monkfish that we’ve eaten earlier that afternoon. The fish and clams are not as fresh.

Caramelised Pineapple Slices

The dessert fares better as compared to its appetisers and main courses. I enjoy the Spanish “churro” fritters with cooked Chocolate tremendously. The fritters, though dense, has a nice airy texture to it. The Caramelised Pineapple Slices, however, is inconsistently cooked. Hence, it’s warm on the surface and cold inside.

Spanish "churro" fritters with cooked Chocolate

The bill came up to €64 (inclusive of 2 glasses of wine and 2 bottles of water). Although it’s reasonable, I feel that there are better restaurants out there that serve better food at the same price. Yes, it’s a romantic place to have a decent dinner but it’s definitely not a place that I must return should I visit Barcelona again.

Senyor Parellada
C/Argenteria, 37.
08003 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: (34) 93 310 50 94

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