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Singaporean artist K.C. Gan is probably a garung guni’s (rag-and-bone man) worst nightmare. To create his artwork, 24-year-old K.C. goes round Singapore collecting discarded domestic items. Most people wouldn’t give a broken 3M plastic hook or chipped garden pot a second look.  But under K.C.’s talented hands, these seemingly useless objects are given a fresh breath of life and new meaning.

Listening Ear by K.C. Gan

Singaporean Artist KC Gan

K.C. graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a 2nd Class Honours in Fine Arts by Goldsmith University. He is also a proud recipient of the prestigious Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship awarded by the National Arts Council. K.C.’s works reminds me of our everyday lives. Every item on its own may not mean much. But together, every piece of artwork tells a story and create new experiences. His innovative and sometimes, whimsical artworks touch on how human experiences are inter-related.

Balancing Rainbow by Noel De Guzman

Exhibiting at the same show is Filipino artist Noel De Guzman. Currently based in Hong Kong, Noel’s works involve the extensive use of cotton fibre. One of his most eye-catching works is Balancing Rainbow where rolls of cotton fibre were cut and dipped into acrylic paints before they were glued on a bicycle. The intersecting natural fibres symbolises how as individuals, we retain our own identities while collectively, we are connected to one another in the bigger picture.

Another artwork by K.C. Gan

Ms Jennifer Soen, F.A.T.’s managing director, said in her message, “I want our artworks to connect with the general public, creating greater awareness about the real human aspect of how art can be part of our daily lives.” And I couldn’t agree more.


A sculpture exhibition by K.C. Gan and Noel De Guzman
14 January – 10 February 2014

F.A.T. Gallery Singapore
#02-381/2, Suntec City Mall,
Singapore 038 983

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