La Dolce Vita – Dolcetto at Regent Singapore

It’s been more than 6 months since I last ate at Dolcetto, an upmarket Italian pastry shop at the lobby level of Regent Singapore. And since I just completed a two-hour assessment, I told myself that I deserved a good meal and decided to head to the gourmet pasticceria.


Onion Focaccia with Smoked Chicken

I had a light main course because I wanted to keep my stomach for dessert.  It was not that difficult to decide on a savoury item especially when there aren’t that many choices. I ordered the Onion Focaccia with Smoked Chicken, one of Dolcetto’s most popular sandwiches. I can understand why this simple sandwich is such a crowd’s favourite. The flavourful smoked chicken is sandwiched between a soft focaccia together with some rochetta (rocket vegetables), an egg and slices of tomato. It’s simple yet nice. However, I was not particularly overwhelmed by it. Thankfully, I couldn’t say the same for the dessert.

Amedei Dark Chocolate Cake

For those who say having chocolate is better than having sex, I would advise you NOT to have the Amedei Dark Chocolate Cake in public.  You do not want to be caught moaning and groaning while you enjoy the decadent chocolate cake.  The top layer of chocolate ganache is very rich and velvety.  The hazelnut’s crunchiness and mousse’s silky texture compliment each other nicely. At $10 per piece (slightly smaller than an iPhone 4S), such pleasure does not come cheap.


Dolcetto’s strength lies with its carefully crafted and excellently executed cakes and pastries. While I’m not impressed by its focaccia, I will definitely return to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Regent Singapore
1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715

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