Mesmerised by her grace and elegance – Galería Loewe, Barcelona Spain

From the moment

I stepped into the hall, she captured my attention. Her steps are so energetic and yet her movement is fluid and elegant. She is so alluring that she kept me spellbound the whole time. My eyes are locked on her as I watched her moved from one corner to another. She is none other than ‘Flamenco Dancers’, a masterpiece by famed Mr. Daniel Wurtzel, a New-York based artist.

‘Flamenco Dancers’ is an installation commissioned by Loewe, the Spanish luxury brand, for its gallery in Barcelona. Mr. Wurtzel captures the essence of the Spanish dancer’s elegance and dynamism through the effortless movement of a beautiful organza caught in flight of wind currents. The soft mesmerising Spanish music playing in the background draws you even deeper into this piece of marvellous piece of art.

Covering over five levels (inclusive of two mezzanine levels), the gallery illustrates the long and rich heritage of Loewe through various multimedia art installations. Every floor aims to communicate a different aspect of the luxury brand’s history.


Another of my favourite installation is the Tree. Visitors are encouraged to feel the tree, a symbol of Loewe’s excellence in leather. The tree consists of four walls. Every wall is cut to resemble the cross section of a tree and covered with different leathers namely, napa, exotic skins, suede and grained leather. As visitors move round the tree, wordings are projected onto the ‘branches’ of the tree. This piece of work stimulates the visitors’ sensory experience and impresses upon them Loewe’s expertise in the exquisite fabric.

Loewe also paid homage to Spanish’s most acclaimed architect, Antonio Gaudí, with its Amazona bag installation

Loewe also paid homage to Spanish’s most acclaimed architect, Antonio Gaudí, with its Amazona bag installation. The eye-catching installation is displayed prominently in the entrance of the gallery.


The Kennedy by Mark Shaw

When I was there, I managed to catch the photo exhibition by renowned photographer Mark Shaw. The photo exhibition, on the lounge level of the gallery, was to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of former US president, John F. Kennedy. The collection of 40 portraits of the Kennedy family was beautifully shot. Besides the charismatic leader, the portraits include many of his wife, the stylish Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. This photo exhibition ended recently on 16 November 2013.

Loewe Scarfs Display

Besides going to the iconic landmarks in Barcelona, I would strongly recommend Galería Loewe. This quaint museum is definitely worth a visit.

Galería Loewe
Passeig de Gràcia, 91,
Barcelona Spain

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