New Kid on the block – Gato, New York City, USA

Gato is one of the newest additions to New York City’s vibrant food & beverage scene in the recent months. Located in the bustling Lafayette Street, Gato is the brainchild

of celebrity chef Bobby Flay, and jointly owned by Chef Flay and his business partner, Laurence Kretchmer.

Gato is Chef Flay’s interpretation on Mediterranean food and drinks. Without a doubt, Gato is a huge hit with New Yorkers and its visitors.

My friends and I ordered a few appetisers and entrees to share. We were impressed with the Roasted Octopus. The aroma of the roasted octopus hits us when it arrives. The octopus has an even smoky fragrance and it is very tender. The taste of the octopus is further enhanced with bacon bits and basil.

Roasted Octopus

The Crispy Potatoes is equally good. Once again, the generous amount of crispy bacon bits not only provides more texture, it also adds more flavour to the humble potatoes. One can choose to break the poached egg and eat it with the crispy potatoes.

Crispy Potatoes

The simple Pizza with Goat Cheese definitely tastes much better than it sounds. Using common Mediterranean ingredients such as olives and capers, the Pizza with Goat Cheese is packed with so much taste.

Pizza with Goat Cheese

But nothing beats the Porterhouse Pork Chop. This is probably the best pork chop that I’ve every eaten. The pork chop is cooked to the point where the meat is safe to eat. Some parts of the meat still have a very faint pink shade when it was served. This probably explains why the pork chop is so tender, juicy and moist. When paired with the romesco planta, this pork chop might be the reason for future visits.

Porterhouse Pork Chop

The Kale & Wild Mushroom Paella is an interesting take on the Spanish seafood rice dish. If you exclude the egg, this paella is as vegetarian as it can get. I’m not a huge vegetable fan (like most guys do) but this paella is quite awesome. The crunchy kale and crispy artichokes provides more bite and texture.

Kale & Wild Mushroom Paella

As for the desserts, you either like it or dislike it. The Espresso Soaked Bread Pudding reminds me of the taste and look of an Italian tiramisu. Instead of biscotti, bread is used to soak up the intense coffee. Personally, I find it too dense for my liking. Likewise, the Chocolate Crema Catalana with Toasted Hazelnuts is too heavy for me. I couldn’t have more than two mouthfuls of the thick chocolate paste. Having said that, diners who adore chocolate might appreciate it better than me.

Chocolate Crema Catalana with Toasted Hazelnuts

Overall, it’s no surprise why Gato is so packed with diners. Generally, the food is excellent and service is prompt. Take some time to dine this restaurant. Who knows you might be lucky, just like me, to catch Chef Flay in action on the day of your visit.

324 Lafayette St,
New York, New York 10012
Tel: (212) 334 6400

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