No where close to an authentic New York’s Pizza – Tony’s Pizza, Singapore

New York City has a huge Italian community and it’s not difficult to find a good pizzeria near Canal Street, the Little Italy of NYC. New Yorkers are so particular about their pizzas that you can be sure that any lousy pizzeria will not survive in that competitive environment. When I heard that Tony’s Pizza touts itself as the only classic hand-tossed New York pizzeria in Singapore, I couldn’t wait to try it.  But is it as good as it touts itself to be?

Well, my trip to Tony’s Pizza was a disappointment.  I’ve been to New York City many times and have tried the great pizzas there. But Tony’s Pizza has still some long distance to go before they can be as good as those found in New York.  I brought my New York friends there since they were homesick.  Unfortunately, my NYC friends also agreed with me that Tony’s Pizzas is no way close to those authentic pizzas in New York City.

Tony's Pizza at River Valley Road, Singapore

The four of us ordered the Onion Rings, Buffalo Wings, and a 18” pizza to share. The onion rings ($8 per serving) were decent although I wouldn’t say they were great. They were not over cooked and they were moist.  It’s unlike those you get elsewhere where the rings can be rather dry.

Onion Rings

The Buffalo Wings ($10.90 for 12) come in Naked, Mild, Hot and Atomic levels of spiciness.  We selected Hot and the wings were really fiery spicy.  I cannot imagine how spicy Atomic is. It’s a pity that the wings were a tad too dry. If not, those wings can be really good.

Buffalo Wings

But the humongous pizza ($44) was a letdown. We chose two toppings for the pizza, Hawaiian and Meat Lovers. Although the toppings were decent, it was the crust that disappointed us. The crust was undercooked and we could still taste and see the dough. And also, the centre of the pizza was too moist and it couldn’t even hold its own weight. To put it simply, the pizza was very badly made.  I reckoned that they were so busy that they just wanted to get as many pizzas out as possible within the shortest time.

The 18" pizza

Frankly, I don’t see any reason to return to Tony’s Pizza. The food is mediocre and it’s not exactly located at the most convenient place.

Tony’s Pizza
397 River Valley Rd Singapore 248292
Tel: +65 6777 4992

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