On Cloud Nine – Remède Spa, The St Regis Singapore

It was a public holiday and rainy morning. On any regular day, I would have stayed in bed and enjoyed the embrace of my comfy bed. But I had a spa appointment at Remède Spa, The St Regis Singapore. You see, my beloved sister got me an Ultimate Body Revival treatment for my birthday gift. And I decided to try it.

I was a member of the Remède Spa until they terminated the membership because the spa could not accommodate the traffic. Nevertheless, I have fond memories of the treatments and pleasant staff.

Remede Spa Wet Lounge

Despite being a spa member for two years, I’ve never got to try the Ultimate Body Revival treatment. My favourites have always been the signature Warm Jade Stones Massage and the uber luxurious Bastien’s Manicure. So it’s rather nice to have a change at someone’s expense (thanks sister :)).

Indoor Jacuzzi

Before my treatment, I was encouraged to use the spa facilities. Remède Spa’s philosophy is grounded very much on ancient European bathing rituals. The spa is designed in a way that guests benefit from the positive energy from the smoothing sound of flowing water.

Heated Marble Lounge Chairs

Remède Spa has separate wet lounges for both men and women. There are cedarwood Finnish sauna, eucalyptus scented steam chamber, heated marble lounge chairs, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi pools and ice fountain. The wet lounge is decorated with pristine white marble and black granite. I’ve gone to numerous spas in Singapore but none looks this luxurious.


The Ultimate Body Revival is a 120-minute body treatment. The treatment starts with a body scrub using sea salt in essential oil. The exfoliation prepares the body for detoxification later. After rising off the sea salt, the body is first covered with high-quality algae then wrapped in a cocoon. For the next 45 minutes, the therapist massages the head with a blend of rosemary, sage and eucalyptus oil. This is followed by a foot massage. The final part of the indulging treatment is a back massage which helps to remove any tension and muscle knots. My therapist is very skilful and his strokes are firm and strong. I could feel the built-up pressure in my body melting away when I was having the treatment.

outdoor jacuzzi

By the time the treatment was over, I was on cloud nine. To remain in my blissful state, I stayed back to use the wet lounge. Three hours after I arrived at Remède Spa, I walked out the same place feeling rejuvenated and ready to enjoy the rest of the public holiday.

Remède Spa, The St Regis Singapore
29 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247911

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