Heaven on earth – Point Yamu by COMO, Phuket, Thailand

To begin with, I’m not a huge fan of beach holiday. The thought of being trapped in a beach resort would send me into a frenzy panic. Is the town within reasonable distance? Are there things to do in the town? All my inner thoughts are surrounded with the notion of whether I can get to town. And when I found out that Point Yamu by COMO is about an hour’s drive to the Patong, where the nightlife of Phuket is, I was prepared that I might just go insane after my beach vacation.

Surprisingly, not only did I survive the beach vacation, I discover that the stay at Point Yamu by COMO is actually quite an enjoyable and relaxing experience. In my own words, 100% bliss.

stunning view greet me when I arrived at Point Yamu by COMO

Point Yamu by COMO is about 40 minutes’ drive from the Phuket International Airport. The drive from the airport to the resort is rather uneventful. Throughout the journey, there is nothing much to see except for thick vegetation and single-storey houses scattered along the road. At one point, I did wonder if the driver was going to abduct me. But when I arrived at the resort, the cool sea breeze just set my body and mind into this relaxation mood in no time.

the gorgeous pool at Point Yamu by COMO

The check in procedure was executed with such perfection that I could hardly find any fault with it. My partner and I were immediately ushered to the lounge to enjoy our welcome drink and freshen up with a damp face towel. The front desk staff came to verify some basic details and we were off to our Bay Suite on the top floor of the resort.

love the stunning view at Point Yamu by COMO

When the staff opened the door, my jaws nearly dropped. The view was simply awesome. The suite opens to a spectacular view of the Yamu Bay. Although I was there during the raining season, it was a beautiful day on the day of my check in.

the Bay suite at Point Yamu by COMO

the Bay suite at Point Yamu by COMO

Point Yamu is entirely decorated by the famed Italian architect, Paola Navone. The Bay Suite is decorated in this white and vibrant cobalt blue or lavender as in Como’s term, reminded me a lot of the Greek island, Santorini. The room is scented with this unmistakable frangance from the Como Shambhala range of toiletries. Of course, the Point Yamu by COMO uses only the luxurious products from Como Shambhala. While the view is awesome, it was the bathroom that created the wow factor. The bowl-shaped bathtub is so adorable and cute. I’m not a regular user of the bathtub but this one simply tells me that I have to use it at least once during the course of my stay at this gorgeous resort.

Love the Como Shambhala toiletries

Don't you just love the bowl shaped bathtub?

Since it was my birthday, the resort was kind to arrange for a birthday cake to be delivered to my suite upon my arrival. It was very nice and the cake was finished in record time.

a birthday cake from the hotel

The thing that really impresses me about the Point Yamu by COMO is the amount of details that they paid attention to. One good example is the bedroom slippers. In fact, all the hotels that I’ve stayed always placed a pair of man’s and woman’s bedroom slippers in the room. I was pleasantly surprised that the resort actually took notice of this and replaced the woman’s slippers with another man’s pair. I’m not sure whether it was just pure coincidence or planned. But this simple gesture scored the top marks from me.

the simple details which the staff paid attention to really impressed me

As much as the suite is so inviting and comfortable to stay in, I wasted no time to explore this amazing resort. The Como Shambhala spa is located on the fourth level of the resort and it also houses a well-equipped gym. Within the spa, there is a shared outdoor jacuzzi on the balcony, which faces the Andaman Sea. There is a steam room in the respective changing rooms and the separate saunas are located near the outdoor jacuzzi. I’ve spent many hours at the spa balcony when the weather didn’t permit me to laze by the pool.

Como Shambhala Spa

The well-equipped gym

For the teenage children and younger kids, there are two different games rooms that are designed to meet their respective needs. There is also a lobby lounge where the adults can rest and relax over tea and board games.

Play by COMO - a room for the younger kids

Play by COMO - another room for the older kids

Lobby Lounge

There are two remarkable restaurants within the resort, Nahmyaa Thai Restaurant and La Sirena Italian Restaurant. During the low season, the Thai restaurant only serves dinner whereas the Italian restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Generally, the food is excellent and there is really nothing to complain about and it’s hard to find fault with them. Nevertheless, I will talk about the restaurants in separate reviews.

Nahmyaa Thai Restaurant

La Sirena

Gorgeous Breakfast at La Sirena

What I particularly like about Point Yamu by COMO is that the hotel management is concerned about the guests’ overall experience. Unlike other hotel chains, Point Yamu by COMO bothers to create different visual experiences at different corners within the hotel property. Every hallway has something different or unique about it and art installations are placed around the resort.

The stunning hallway at Point Yamu by COMO

Love the beautiful art installation

The lights are equally cutting edge

The resort even has a list of scheduled activities for those guests who are interested to participate in them. From the common island visit to the popular local cuisine cooking class, there is something for guest of every age.

Every afternoon, there is a pushcart that sells ice cream that is made on the spot using liquid nitrogen. How cool can this get?

The liquid Nitrogen ice cream is so good even on a rainy day

Throughout my stay at Point Yamu by COMO, I remained in the resort and the thought of heading to the town never occurred to me. After four blissful days, my sanity is still intact but more importantly, I felt relaxed and recharged. The only regret that I had was that I didn’t stay for more days in this heavenly resort.

Point Yamu by COMO
225 Moo 7
Pa Klok, Talang, Phuket
83110 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 76 360100

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