Quaint hotel in a far far away land – Village Hotel Changi, Singapore

Village Hotel Changi is so secluded that it wouldn’t be wrong to describe it as god forsaken. This hotel is so near to the airport that it is best suited for those guests who are in Singapore just for a night’s stopover, or those who just want to get away from the crowd and be left alone.

Village Hotel Changi, Singapore

The hotel has recently undergone a refurbishment. Personally, its look and feel leans towards a well-maintained chalet rather than a hotel. Everything about this hotel is very basic. The clean simple design is consistent throughout the property.

Village Hotel Changi's Lobby

Although the room is clean, it just didn’t impress me. It reminds me of a budget hotel room – simple and no frills. The bed is decent although I wouldn’t say that they are super comfy. As for the bathroom, the white lightning is definitely a turn off for someone who prefers orange/ yellow lightings.

Village Hotel Changi's basic bedroom

Village Hotel Changi's Bathroom

Village Hotel Changi can be a pleasant place for those who prefer something simple. The small swimming pool on the top floor is great for a tan and watch planes approaching their landings. It’s very quiet and you can read or swim in peace. There is another pool, which is slightly bigger for great for children, just besides the Saltwater Café on the ground floor. The gym on the fifth floor is of decent size and good for a cardio and some simple weights workout.

The swimming pool on the top floor

The simple but decent gym

There are five food & beverage outlets in this property namely Saltwater Café, La Cantina Italian Restaurant, Chou Bei Japanese Restaurant, Vau Wine Bar and The Wine Company. I didn’t get to try all of them. The Saltwater Café is helmed by Chef William Soh who is known for his take on Southeat-asian cuisine. The café serves daily Kampung Lunch Buffet and is great for those who want to enjoy a good bowl of laska, prawn mee, satays and many more. The restaurant is also the place where the hotel serves breakfast. Generally, the breakfast is decent although it’s nothing to shout about. As for La Cantina, the dishes are hits and misses. The pizzas are delectable if you enjoy the traditional thin-crust pizzas. The calamari is equally good. Instead of slicing the squid into thin slices, they are served in bigger pieces. Unfortunately, the lasagne is better left in the kitchen.

At least the calamaris are delectable at La Cantina

Frankly, depending on what you want, Village Hotel Changi is not a hotel that I would even think of staying when I’m on vacation, simply because it is just so out of the way and inconvenient to get to and out of the hotel. Its mediocre facilities and rates are just not compelling enough for me to compromise on my need to be close to town. Unless you want to stay away from any human interaction and left totally alone, I wouldn’t recommend this quaint hotel.

Village Hotel Changi
1 Netheravon Road Singapore 508502
Tel: +65 6379 7111

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