Running and screaming children – W Singapore Sentosa Cove

With the memory of my horrific stay at W Bangkok still fresh in mind, I checked into W Singapore Sentosa Cove with very little expectations. Although I’ve tried the spa treatment previously, I haven’t had the chance to stay in the hotel.

The check–in was pretty efficient since Starwood Preferred Guests members have a dedicated desk.  Being SPG members, my friend and I were upgraded to a Fabulous Room with twin beds.

fabulous room

Fabulous Room

At 41m2, the Fabulous Room is big and it oversees the pool. The first impression is great especially when the design is more practical and doesn’t have any of the risqué elements of its Bangkok sister. In fact, the designer paid a lot of attention to the details. I like the range of gadget chargers that the hotel has provided in the room.  This little device on the desk has all the chargers that you can imagine, covering all the electronic gadgets from the major brands such as Apple, Nokia and Samsung. I also particularly like the quirky names that they have given to the mood lighting such as Runway, Escape, Flirt and Hello.


fabulous Room bathroom

The bathroom is huge and the bathtub is of a considerable size. It is very easy to doze off while reading in the tub.

The only disappointment is the limited TV channels that the hotel has. While most people wouldn’t have stayed in the room, I had no other choice. This is because I had to run away from screaming children (you will find out shortly).

butterflies lampshade

Turndown Service

Our room was not cleaned after we returned a spa treatment in the evening.  When I called to enquire, I was told that turndown service is only upon request.  This is the first W Hotel which I’ve stayed that has such a practice. The only consolation is that the housekeeping leaves a complimentary bar of chocolate in the room in the evening.

swimming pool

Swimming Pool

Before I continue, let me say I like kids but up to a certain number at any one time. Throw me in a children’s mall or playground full of noisy children and I will want to get out immediately. During my stay, I never stepped into the pool. The pool was always filled with people and most annoyingly, children who screamed like nobody’s business. This is the first W hotel I’ve stayed that is so occupied with children of all ages! The only time that’s devoid of these little monsters is very early in the morning or late in the evening.

W bar


Breakfast is served at the hotel’s two restaurants, The Kitchen Table and Skirt. Be prepared to navigate your way through tight seating and rowdy children running about the entire area. The food is mediocre at best and the variety is limited. The inferior-quality food seems to be targeted at the juvenile eaters (they can’t tell the difference). Usually, I tried to finish whatever food that I’ve taken (and I usually take just a piece of a kind) but this time, some were just so bad that I couldn’t take an additional bite. Never did I waste so much food in my life.

Away spa

Away Spa

I’ve reviewed the Away Spa in a previous posting.  I notice that the management has removed the do-nothing-to-cover-your-modesty white disposable underwear. Now, they only provide disposable underwear in the treatment rooms.  Other than that, nothing else has changed.  The algae are still flourishing along the Hydro Air Seat in the vitality pool and they still do not provide any slippers for spa guests. Just in case, you think this area is free of children, think again. Children below 12 years old are allowed in the spa with an accompanied adult. Good luck to you if you have an insensible father who decides to let his children use the vitality pool as a wading pool (which happened to me once).

Sweat Gym

Sweat Gym

This is probably the last frontier that’s yet to be conquered by unsupervised children. The gym is big by most hotels’ standard. It is very well equipped and I doubt you need to wait for the machines. During my stay, the gym is hardly used by the hotel guests.

W Hotel sentosa Cove

W Hotel, although children friendly, was not meant to a family hotel. I have no idea why W Singapore Sentosa Cove is targeting the same audience as Club Med. If you are looking for some relaxing time away from screaming children, you may want to plan your trip on a weekday or during school term.

W Singapore, Sentosa Cove
21 Ocean Way · Singapore, 098374 Singapore


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