A spa that needs a rejuvenation badly – Spa at Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

Personally, the Four Seasons hospitality brand epitomises timeless elegance, luxury and sophistication. It is a hotel brand that prides itself of being one of the best and luxurious in the industry. But sad to say, the Spa at Four Seasons Singapore failed to deliver that spectacular experience.

After a day of back-breaking gardening chores, I wanted to pamper myself with a body massage. Since I’ve been to nearly all the luxurious hotel spas along Orchard Road, I decided to try somewhere new to me, the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore. I’ve always had good impressions of the hotel. Hence, I really didn’t expect that my spa experience to turn out so mediocre.

My first impression of the spa reception was shocked and dumbfounded. The reception area looks dated. Nothing seems to have changed since the hotel began operations some 20 years ago.

The Spa reception at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

My therapist was very accommodating even though I was late for my treatment. She greeted and showed me the way the changing room which is a floor above the reception. It was very comforting when my therapist gave me time to cool down and not rush me.

I was taken aback when I saw the changing room.  It looks exactly like one of those old men’s club changing room. It was tired and simply uninspiring for a spa. Since I was short of time, I got changed and headed straight to the lounge where my therapist was waiting for me.

After filling in the health questionnaire, I was brought to the treatment room. Frankly, this is the most disappointing and dull looking spa treatment rooms among all the luxurious hotels that I’ve patronised. It was no better than one of those lower tiered wellness centres. The batik cloth hanging on one side of the wall and the ordinary massage bed, they reminded me so much of those low value spas on the resort island, Bali. I was telling myself that I made a bad decision.

The Spa waiting lounge at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Thank goodness, the saving grace was my skillful therapist. I opted for the Aroma Energising massage. Using deep strokes and cross-fibre massage techniques, my therapist managed to release the tension and ease the ache at my lower back. The Peace of Mind essential oils blend also helped to relax me. I felt so good after the 60-minute massage. Unfortunately, that blissful moment didn’t last long. The post-treatment experience was so below standard.

Instead of pampering its spa guests further with light snacks, guests were served a cup of hot ginger tea… only.

Toiletries in Men's Changing Room

When I returned to the changing room to use the spa facilities, I could understand why there was no one using the facilities. It was stale and dreary. Just 10 minutes in the spa and it seemed like eternity.

When the spa receptionist asked me how was my treatment, she could see that sullen expression on my face. While I gave credit to the experienced therapist, the spa experience was nothing to shout about or impressed with. This is a spa that needs a rejuvenation more badly than any of its guests.


Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
190 Orchard Boulevard
Singapore 248646
Tel: (65) 6734 1110

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