It’s a sweet life – Casa Infante, Naples, Italy

To me, another great discovery in Naples, Italy, other than Pompei, is the café and dessert joint, Casa Infante. I was about to return to my cruise when I chanced upon this whimsical place. Located within walking distance from the port of Naples, Casa Infante is a place you must visit when you are in Naples.

Casa Infante serves gelato, coffee and pastries. There are many of such cafes in Italy but what impresses me most about Casa Infante is its 1960’s concept. The crew dons uniform that reminds me of those worn by staff in a 1960’s American style deli. Everything here in this café and dessert joint is so happy and childlike. It reminds me of nothing but happy times.

The whimsical feel of Casa Infante

I super love the wide range of gelato. Although I was still full after a heavy lunch, I couldn’t resist the sweet temptation of the delectable Melone (melon) gelato. It was light and packed with so much melon aroma. Over here, you have a choice of whether you want your gelato to be served in a cone or cup. Either way, you will still have a tiny cone as a topping.

Love the wide range of gelato at Casa Infante

If you love gelato, you will love Casa Infante.

I would have ordered one of those super seductive cupcakes if not because I had a full stomach. The cookies looked extremely tasty too. Too bad, I guess I just have to return to Naples with an empty stomach the next time.

Casa Infante
Via Toledo 258, P.zza degli Artisti 4-5, Via Chiaia 189
Or Via Toledo 371, P.zza Vanvitelli/ Via Scarlatti 84
Naples, Italy

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