The desserts saved the night – L’Entrecote The French Brasserie, Singapore

Sometimes, I wonder whether I should take the time to write about a mediocre restaurant. Reviewing it would be like doing exactly the opposite of what I was taught since young – “If you have nothing good to say about it, then keep quiet.” This is the same I feel about my meal at L’Entrecole The French Brasserie. Should I write about it or not?

My former colleagues and I were celebrating the birthday of our friend. And it has become a norm that we try a new restaurant every time we meet. Since I have the Palate Card privileges and L’Entrecote is one of the participating outlets, we decided to give it a try.

The interior decoration fits the French bistro to a T. The red tablecloth and steel chairs remind me of a bistro that you will probably find in any town in France.

The menu looks rather impressive with a good variety of dishes. We ordered the La Nicoise and Soupe a I’Oignon which is the Salad Nicoise and French Onion Soup respectively for our starters.

Salad Nicoise

The Salad Nicoise was above average. The lettuce was fresh and crunchy. And there was a generous amount of tuna and anchovies. As for the French onion soup, it was palatable but not mouth-watering.

Pan Fried Prawns with Grilled Garlic

Next, it came the entrées. Other than Les Crevettes which is the Pan Fried Prawns with Grilled Garlic, the rest was forgettable and one of them was that close to bad.

Although the Pan Fried Prawns with Grilled Garlic was tasty, the miserably-sized prawns were drowned in a pool of olive oil. The small size of the shrimp and the accompanied buttered rice didn’t help to enhance the taste.

Pork Chop or Le Cochon

After having so many flawlessly-executed pork chops when I was travelling in the United States, my standard for the meat has risen quite a fair bit. The Pork Chop or Le Cochon at L’Entrecote flopped big time. The meat was tough and dry. My friend and I had to ladle lots of steak sauce to make the stiff meat palatable.

Les Moules or mussles

But it was the Les Moules or mussles that missed the mark totally! The mussels were bland and dry. They were overcooked that my friend didn’t even bother to finish them.

The meal was so bad that all of us were complaining among ourselves the questionable quality. And when we mentioned to the waitress, she didn’t even offer to inform the chef! Thank goodness she has a pleasant personality. If not, we would have unleashed our harsh words on her. She was quick to assure us that the desserts would fare better. And she was right.

Salty Butter Caramel Lava Cake

The Half-Baked Chocolate Cake served warm with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is great. The warm cake is soft and the chocolate has a slight bitter taste which dark chocolate lovers would probably love it even better. The Salty Butter Caramel Lava Cake is excellent. The caramel sauce tastes heavenly with the soft pillowy cake. I had the Caramelised Apple Tart with Sour Cream. I love the sweet apple slices and crispy tart. As for the Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Profiteroles with Hot Chocolate Sauce, it tastes fantastic and looks even better.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Profiteroles with Hot Chocolate Sauce

L’Entrecote is not a place you want to bring your friends there if you want to impress them. If it was not for the discount, the meal is not worth the money at all. At best, I would only say go there if you want decent desserts.

L’Entrecote The French Brasserie
3 Temasek Boulevard,
Suntec City Mall B1-128/129
Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6690 7569

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