Where the gods reside – Auriga Spa, Capella Singapore, Singapore

As I walked into the changing room, I couldn’t help but to feel like an Egyptian high priest making my way down the inner chamber of a temple. Huge candle stands with lit candles lined along the narrow and tall stone corridor. I can feel the gentle flow of positive energy along the corridor and the ambience was serene. At the end of the inner chamber, that’s where the gods reside – the sanctuary. And at Auriga, that’s where your journey to an ultra-luxurious spa treatment begins.

Auriga Spa is one of the only two spas in Singapore that was awarded the highest accolade, a five-star rating, by Forbes Travel Guide in its spa category. And one cannot dispute that Auriga deserves this recognition.

Auriga Spa Entrance - Photo Credit: Capella Singapore

I was encouraged by the spa receptionist to arrive 30 minutes before my treatment to enjoy the spa facilities. And frankly, I would have easily spent an hour or even more enjoying the herbal steam room, the aromatherapy showers and the vitality pool. The indoor vitality pool overlooks a beautifully manicured garden with lush bamboo trees.

Auriga Spa Reception - Photo Credit: Capella Singapore

At my most recent visit, I tried one of three specially curated spa treatments for Auriga Spa Singapore, Senja Sunji. Senja, which means dusk in the Malay language, is supposed to be the most magical time of the day. Unlike other massages, this sublime massage uses body balm rather than the massage oil. Senja Sunji is first delivered with a massage using the Rose & Pomegranate Body Balm then followed by the warm ‘moon’ stones using long flowing strokes, working one body part at a time. This elaborate treatment incorporates both the Chinese’s Tui Na and Javanese massage techniques.

After 90 minutes of pure bliss, I was led to a relaxation lounge to enjoy a hot cup of ginger tea and some nuts and dried fruits. My enjoyment continued in the relaxation lounge while I rest on the sound wave recliners. And if you like, you could stay there for so long as you want.

Auriga Spa Suite - Photo Credit: Capella Singapore

The treatment rooms at Auriga Spa are simply but beautifully decorated. Every room overlooks an intimate garden. Some spas play new-age rainforest music in the background but at Auriga, you get real birds chirping in the garden if you are lucky.

I can attest that Auriga is probably one of the best spas in Singapore. It’s intimate, private and luxurious. Hence, it’s no surprise that the gods actually reside there.

Auriga Spa
Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island
Singapore 098297
Tel: +65-65915023


P/S. The photos are used with permission from Capella Singapore. This is NOT a paid review. And the owner of this site paid for his own treatment.

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